Wiring a 60 A non-fused switch for pottery kiln

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Hey folks,

New to the forum to ask you Canadian electricians about code.

I have a pottery kiln I'm trying to figure out how to wire and acquire wiring materials for before my electrician friend comes and wires it up. It cranks out 48 amps and the manufacturer recommends to put it on a 60 A circuit with a non-fused switch to isolate the kiln. I went out and picked up a Siemens LNFC22R and the terminals on the switch are rated for 60 / 75 C.

As far as I understand, this means, according to Canadian code, NMD90 #6 Cu ampacity gets knocked down to 55 A because it's no longer rated at 90 C due to the terminal ratings on the switch. Bummer.

As far as I understand, #6 Cu THHN is rated at 65 A for this application, and is required to run through rigid metal conduit. If we went this route, do we need an electrician with special tools to bend pipe, or is there a flexible conduit out there that one can use and still be up to code? The run has maybe four elbows and goes through the wall, including a few studs, and it's maybe 7-8 ft in total from the switch to the sub-panel.

Is there such a thing as #5 Cu NMD90? I wonder if it would fit the terminals, but maybe it's a way around this.

Any other ways around this?

Thanks for the help!



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