Your best brand wall pack

OK Sparky 93

Had a call today, at the end of it. Caller wants to know what brand I would use. Or what the best is. Said he had another electrician install like 12 of the three years ago, has had constant blinking issues and currently has 9 of them blinking.
He called them mini wall paks, didn’t know the brand. He stated that he had asked for the brand when they were installed. Ole sparky told him that it was the only brand that he would or could warranty.
All that to get to this!
Atlas, comes to mind. What do you guys use? I have never heard from other customers, about that many problems at once.

would one think a lightning strike or surge would cause those type of issues?

tom baker

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Best wall packs are holophane. Spec grade, schools, hospitals, etc
Atlas, and many others use the same castings and put their own guts in them.
Others to look at are Rabb, Lithonia, Hubble. I used some dialight that had built in motion detectors, went from dim to bright when there was motion.