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Attic Fan Grounding

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    Attic Fan Grounding

    I recently completed wiring my attic fan after having my roof replaced. I have no other grounded or bonded items on the roof surface (well, maybe the exhaust vent from the furnace) In the interest of not creating an unintentional lightning rod, I did not attach the ground to the fan itself (this of course includes the metal exposed enclosure on the roof surface). It is however grounded from that point back to the electrical panel. The power supply to the fan is also GFCI protected. If I did connect the ground, I hardly believe 14ga would handle any sort of lightning strike. My question is, if I attach the ground could I actually be creating an attraction point for lightning? Should I bond the fan to the vent stack? Our house is at somewhat of an elevation. Until I get a professional contractor to come out and install lightning rods, do you think this is okay? My only concern of course if if I had some sort of roofing contractor up on the roof and there was a fault on that fan and it created a hazard for him.


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