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    Originally posted by mbrooke View Post
    I can tell you first hand that the staff that covers that building would laugh (and will laugh) to see "The Plant Manager has a staff comprising four Plant Supervisors and eighteen Craftsmen."




        Then there was "The Plot to Bury the Bell System." This is the line from a magazine ad, touting the fact that Bell/AT&T were trying to put as much of their infrastructure underground as possible. Back in the late 1960s the phone company dug up the sidewalks in My Home Town to install their cable from ?the next town over? to our central office. They did a very nice job-- the sidewalks were repaved with concrete-- they looked better than they had in years! (only sad part was that some of the sidewalks were large slabs of slate that were not replaced).

        And at one point (this was back when the Carter Phone decision was pending) the phone company gave tours of their new central office-- much of the facility was below ground level (office up top, IIRC). Generator out back, and a bank of batteries to run the installation if power should actually glitch. And a row of motors, spinning, to give us the dial tone (this was before ESS arrived in town).

        Downstairs, there were some emergency facilities to handle 'sleepovers' in case of insurrection or other civil disturbance. Nothing as complicated as the cold war site!


          Originally posted by myspark View Post

          Thanks for transforming this Engineering Segment of this site into a 3rd grader "SHOW and TELL" rumpus room.
          Keep it up.


            Originally posted by Open Neutral View Post

            Yes, that site has a good photo album of an Underground's construction. They were anything but trivial. The larger ones held AUTOVON/FTS switches. They were always outside of major targets err cities.
            Fascinating how they did it. Even more so the giant phone network underneath our feet.