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strength of threaded rod?

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    Through pipe in 3/4" size with the horizontal pt planks riding on the pipe was a great suggestion. Pipe could hold the shear load and not worry too much about the bending within that range.

    Those pro tree and limb bolts allow for tree growth by a lot, and movement, which is going to happen. Tree growth alone could displace the planks by 2" so the attachment method design should allow for that. The 5/8" threaded rod, when it is loaded by bending, the threads focus the material stress into the thread as a crack rather than around it like rod with no cracks, so either the rod would have to go up a lot in size to assure no bending or the joint design could assure no bending load on the rod.

    The trees are going to move a lot in 60 mph winds. There may be a way to design the attachment or joint to allow inches of movement and huge torque and twisting force, and settle back to the normal static case without damage to the joint.

    The limb bolts appear to just dowel the tree and let the dowels move with the tree. I would try to copy their design.
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