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Three way help

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    Three way help

    Hello... Im NOT n electrician, im just a homwowner. Recently during a renovation, I disconnected and removed an outlet.from a wall we are removing. Doing so made a three way switch at the bottom of a small stairway no.longer operable. So i took them both apart tonsee if i could trace the issue. To my surprise, thw wiring is all 2 wire. Ill explain what i have and hope that is helpful. 2, 3 way switches, top and bottom of stairs. In the box at the top of the stairs i have 3 sets of 2 wire - 1 set is the main line thatnis hot when i turn on the breaker, another 2 wire that powers the hall bathroom, then another 2 wire that i have traced that goes to the nox at the bottom of the stairs. The box at the nottom of the stairs has a 2 wire that connects to.the box at the top.of.the stairs, a 2 wire that goes to the 2 fixtures, and the 2 wire that went to thw box i removed. I put that 2.wire back in the bix because before i roved it, it ended in the switch nox at the bottom of the stairs. That wire only has power if the batroom is connected. When i took everything apart, i did note that the white wire that went to the fixture was connected to.nithimg, nut was wire nutted off. Ive researched and researched, but eberything ive read about a three way setup.talks about a strand if three wire, which isnt present. Any help would be appreciated.

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