2 built in ovens on same circuit.

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Hi All.
I am doing a kitchen reno and would like to add a built in oven. I currently have 1 installed, and I would like to add a second one on the same circuit.

I think this will be OK, but just wanted to get another opinion. I will be hiring an electrician to actually come install it, but if we have to run another circuit, it may not be worth it for me.

Neither of the ovens show rated amperage, so calculated as shown below:

Existing oven: Plate says 240V, 3.0 kW --------> so, 12.5 amps

Oven id like to add: Plate says 240v, 3.5 kW ------> so, 14.6 amps

The existing oven is the only thing on this circuit (40 amp breaker)

I would like to add the new oven to this same circuit. These ovens would be built into a column on top of one another.

reference: rule 26-746 states that for the purposes of this rule, two or more separate built-in cooking units shall be considered as one appliance.

I can add more details if required.
Will this work?

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