20/5 stranded waterproof wire availability


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I'm looking at redoing someone's deck railing lighting and I'm having a tough time finding appropriate wiring for the project.

The lighting is waterproof RGB+White LED tape by Solid Apollo and requires 5 conductors. Unfortunately I talked with them today and they only have 4 conductor waterproof cable.

So I'm looking for 5 conductor waterproof cable that ideally is 20 AWG stranded, but I might be able to make 18 AWG stranded work in a pinch. Anyone have any idea where to find this? A link would be great if possible.

This product was specked in before I was brought in. I'm open other product suggestions if anyone has some. The LED tape gets installed into a recessed channel (specifically designed for LED tape) on the underside of the railings.

Thanks in advance

Below are some links to the products

4 conductor cable (would work if it was 5 conductor)

RGB+W LED tape that is specked in