2014 National Electrical Code

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Deadline for Submitting Proposals for NEC-2014: November 4, 2011

As a member, we welcome you to contribute your expertise in promoting code proposals to the NEC code-making panels. IAEI supports two members of each code-making panels, and we encourage you to write your proposals or comments for code issues.

You can submit a code proposals on your own to NFPA. Just follow the steps listed in the back of your code book.
If you would like to have IAEI endorsement, you can work through your local chapter or division. The IAEI encourages the chapters and divisions to work cooperatively to develop good code proposals. These groups can discuss and refine the proposed language and be sure the technical substantiation is complete and solidly supports what is being proposed.

Code Proposal Form:


Developing Good NEC Proposals:

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