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The 2023 NEC is now available at least online thru NFPA link. It's great because I can open 2 or 3 tabs and look at different code cycles just by switches tabs.

Any way , I was perusing the definition section and I would be surprised if there are at least one hundred new definitions. I realize as time went on how much electrical has changed over the years. I feel a bit lost with all the new things going on in the field but I am glad not having to deal with some of the crazy stuff going on with cost and availability of materials. Not to long ago the PV wasn't even in the book and now tit's probably the largest article in the book and changes being made constantly. Then ev chargers came in with batteries etc.

Here are just a couple of new definitions. Heck if you grew up in NYC you knew what a block was...Mom said "don't leave the block"

I love the bipolar circuit---lol.

Bipolar Circuit.
A dc circuit that is comprised of two monop⁠ole circuits, each having an opposite polarity connected to a common reference point. (CMP-4)

A square or portion of a city, town, or village enclosed by streets and including the alleys so enclosed, but not any street. (800) (CMP-16)

Branch Circuit got interesting

Branch Circuit (Branch-Circuit).
The circuit conductors between the final overcurrent device protecting the circuit and the outlet(s). (CMP-2)

Branch Circuit, Appliance. (Appliance Branch Circuit)
A branch circuit that supplies energy to one or more outlets to which appliances are to be connected and that has no permanently connected luminaires that are not a part of an appliance. (CMP-2)

Branch Circuit, General-Purpose. (General-Purpose Branch Circuit)
A branch circuit that supplies two or more receptacles or outlets for lighting and appliances. (CMP-2)

Branch Circuit, Individual. (Individual Branch Circuit)
A branch circuit that supplies only one utilization equipment. (CMP-2)

Branch Circuit, Motor. (Motor Branch Circuit)
The circuit conductors, including equipment, between the motor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protective device and an individual motor. (CMP-11)

Branch Circuit, Multiwire. (Multiwire Branch Circuit)
A branch circuit that consists of two or more ungrounded conductors that have a voltage between them, and a neutral conductor that has equal voltage between it and each ungrounded conductor of the circuit and that is connected to the neutral conductor of the system. (CMP-2)

Branch-Circuit Selection Current (BCSC).
The value in amperes to be used instead of the rated-load current in determining the ratings of motor branch-circuit conductors, disconnecting means, controllers, and branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protective devices wherever the running overload protective device permits a sustained current greater than the specified percentage of the rated-load current. The value of branch-circuit selection current will always be equal to or greater than the marked rated-load current. (440) (CMP-11)
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