215.2 Minimum Rating

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Reading the MH book Understanding The NEC, going over article 215.2, the ampacity for the feeders conductors calculations is base on the 125% of the continue load plus 100% of the non continue load, however the Author's Comment: Equipment terminals rated 75 degree feeders circuits must be sized to 125% of the continue load, 215.2(A)(1)(a).
I don't see that on the NEC article, I know 100Amp circuits or lass to use the 60 degree ampacity and over 100Amp 75 degree due to the terminal connection temperature rating.
Q: Why is the 100% not add it terminals over 75Degree here and is referring to the 215.2(A)(1)(a)


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Is the note referring to the terminals are rated basically the same as the conductors? both your comments refer to continuous load & your exc 1 refers to assembly & OCPD rated @ 100% which would be a min of 125% of load calc.