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I am working on a tender that has 2 x 3000 amp/ 600 volt (1000% rated) services coming into a new hospital addition. The consultant has shown 6 x 4-1c1000MCM Coreflex per service. The problem is 1000 MCM Coreflex is no longer manufactured. When asking the consultant, he basically said that this is the standard of acceptance and it is up to the installer to determine what to use.

I would prefer to use something direct buried if available (Teck or ACWU) but number of conductors and lug sizes are a consideration. Any thoughts on what to use? Am I stuck running PVC and pulling RWU90?

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I really don't like cables for that type of installation because of the replacement issue when one fails, but Corflex is just a brand name of a MC cable listed for wet locations.
I would be looking at 8 sets of 500 kcmil or 10 sets of 350 kcmil for that type of installation. Most utility transformers in that size range that I have seen can accept up to 10 sets of conductors and you can specify the number and size of the line side terminations in the service equipment when it is ordered.
Disclaimer: I know this is the Canadian forum and I am not real familiar with some of your cable types and terms.

A few thoughts: I guess it depends on you comfort level for direct burying. You can just directly bury conductors and that would be the least expensive, however if you want more protection you could use a coated MC or tray cable. Then as you say there is always PVC conduit......

My person preference is to generally stay away from conductors larger than 500. 750 AL isnt so bad, I have used that but 750 CU is no fun at all.
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