4-Way Dimmer

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[FONT=Courier New, monospace]I want to install a dimmer switch in a 4-way switch scenario.[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]I have a ceiling light (just a light, no fan) that is operated by three individual toggle switches - one at the bottom of the steps, one at the top, and the third is in an adjacent room.[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]I want to put a dimmer in the box at the bottom of the steps. When I open the box, there are two 12-3 w/ground wires coming into it. The black wires from each 12-3 are wire-nutted together, leaving one red and one white wire from each 12-3. The 4-way switch is wired in the standard manner - one set (white/red) to the screws marked 'input', the others to the screws marked 'output'.[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]Presently, everything works fine, just want to remove that particular 4-way switch and put in a dimmer. Does someone make a 4-way dimmer, and if there is one out there, does it work in this particular box? (putting the dimmer in a different location doesn't make sense). Can a 3-way dimmer switch be used? If so, I can't find any info on which wires would go where...)[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]My first thought was to get a light that would have one bulb and to use a bulb that could be linked to a smartphone or wifi, but the new light has (6) candle-style bulbs. I can't go into the walls or do any extra wiring, so I will go without the dimmer if that's my only choice.[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New, monospace]Any tips or info would be appreciated.[/FONT]


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You should contact a local electrical contractor to help you.

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