590 and the lack of no requirement to install at least one receptacle

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After replying to a thread on this subject:
I had come to realize that there is no requirement to install at least one receptacle for use of construction personal.

I'm not sure where in 590 it should go but I think there should be a requirement to install at least one GFCI protected receptacle (duplex) per each floor of a multi floor structure, the reason it to eliminate the common habit of running extension cords up or down stairways which can be a tripping hazard, for the purpose of this section part of the permanent wiring of the building can be used for such receptacles, I believe these receptacles should be supplied by no less then a 20 amp circuit, exception would be if a temporary pole mounted service is installed to supply job site power, or portable generators, but as another part would not allow extension cords to be routed through stairways unless they are secured up out of the way of the steps to prevent a tripping hazard.

ok any input on how this should be worded?

substantiation would be that it is common for an inspector to require a GFCI protected receptacle when requesting a permanent service to be energized to supply temporary power for construction instead of using a temp pole or on site portable generators, there is no requirement in article 590 to back this call, it is very common here to use part of the permanent wiring by installing the laundry, and bath receptacles with temporary GFCI breakers in these cases, also requiring to keep extension cords off of stairs will eliminate some tripping hazards that I have seen a few workers injured from cords being run through stairs.
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