AC LED Floodlight and HID floodlight circuit


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I am new to the forum at its the 1st time that I would do a circuiting with LED Lamps.
I was told that I can connect in a single circuit a 150W LED Floodlight and a 250W HID floodlight but I was not satisfied with the explanation.
I know that HID floodlights have a high starting current and I am not sure if it would affect the LED floodlight even if I use a larger wire.

the configuration are four 150W LED floodlights and one 250W HID floodlight.

Is it possible to connect this two types of lamp in one circuit going to the panelboard?

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Since you are putting them in parallel rather than in series, the current drawn by one will not affect the other.
All you need to worry about is that any overcurrent protection device for the circuit be able to withstand the sum of the LED current and the starting surge current of the HID.
Just do not use a fast blow fuse rated at the sum of the steady state currents.

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