additional fasteners req'd on breakers

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Looking for a code requirment for additional fasteners @ the main service disconnect similar to 384-16(g) for back-fed devices. Was this a code requirment, manufacters requirment or just good practice? Thanks all.


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Re: additional fasteners req'd on breakers

Is this what you were looking for of course this out of the 2002 nec?
It apears that it was moved from 384-16 (G)
but it is the only place in the cod book that say's anything about back fed main breakers. I know that older 100 amp ITE panels, came with this little red retainer clip that was for this very code.

408.16 Overcurrent Protection.(F) Back-Fed Devices. Plug-in-type overcurrent protection devices or plug-in type-main lug assemblies that are backfed and used to terminate field-installed ungrounded supply conductors shall be secured in place by an additional fastener that requires other than a pull to release the device from the mounting means on the panel.

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