AFCI/GFCI for SABC circuits


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I have a question about replacing the existing SABC receptacles in a dwelling kitchen. The kitchen receptacles are split wired and installed on a MWBC. The wiring method is NM cable and is INACCESSIBLE.
In the past, before arc faults were required, I would remove the old receptacle, cap off one of the hot wires, pigtail the neutrals and the remaining hot wire wire and install a GFI receptacle. The kitchens would usually require only two GFIs, one on either side of the sink. Oftentimes, as a precaution, I would also replace other split wired receptacles in the dining room on the SABC.

Then along came 2014. We are now required to arc fault the SABC if we replace the receptacles. After looking for relevant posts, it seems that the only way to comply in the above illustration would be to install a 2 pole arc fault breaker in the panel and then a GFI receptacle, where required. It would also seem, the other split wired receptacles would have to be replaced. This can get challenging! The arc faults may not fit into the old panels or even be available.

Your thoughts please.


al hildenbrand

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I agree with Dennis that the dual function AFCI / GFCI receptacle is the perfect solution for the residential small appliance branch circuit existing receptacle replacement. Especially for the multiwire branch circuit SABC. The Leviton AGTR1 has been shipping barely a month at this point. There are more manufacturers to follow, Hubbell says August, and P&S says June.

Look to 2014 NEC 406.4(D) for the rule regarding existing receptacle replacement.