AFCI Tripping

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masterelect1 said:
Re: Infinity- there is no such thing: only an instrument which does not scale high enough to read the actual value- in this case, resistance. What is actually being read is a value which is above the meggers capability.

I know from your your past posts that you use/understand meggers quite well- just trying to eliminate confusion for some on here not quite up to par on megger usage. I have found since I began inspecting that many in the construction field have lots of misconceptions regarding the use of a megger as a troubleshooting tool. Not meant to be a p---ing contest
I have a >30 year old AC powered VOM that has the "infinity" sign on the meter's face. I was thinking of a digital megger where the ">" sign would be used not a analog megger which "could" very well have the infinity sign. Just like "OL" as well. No real difference and nobody is confused.

The Simpson analog VOM has a infinity sign as well.
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