Amazon WI FI Plug

tom baker

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Compared to the Leviton I tried, the amazon smart plug is way easier to set up and as soon as its set up, Alexia, turn on first plug.
But I am going to use Z Wave as it will work with the internet off.


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I’m using the HomeKit version of the Legrand “smart plug-in switch” at my house; it works locally without internet as it connects to a HomeKit hub. The Legrand app allows you to set it up with Alexa & Google Home.

I use them for some air purifiers around the house, and my Christmas tree and outdoor Christmas lights. I have some of the dimmable versions connected to lamps.

They make another version of the same thing that connects to WiFi and is not HomeKit enabled, but works with Alexa & Google Home.

This one will not work without internet. It uses the Legrand iOT cloud service; when originally introduced it used the Samsung artik cloud service that was shut down last year. I added this to say to anyone that purchases one, you may have to do a firmware update out of the box to get it switched to the new service.

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