ANSI device labeling for utility


Trying to interpret a utility line diagram revision. For a backfed AC module system they want: "Clearly label 89L disconnect , 52-IT circuit breaker"
I have only seen ANSI Device 89-L labels on AC disconnects, but I assume it also applies to the backfed breaker.. What I can't figure out is if the branch breakers in the PV dedicated panel qualify as 52-IT and need to be labeled as such. Any thoughts? Haven't dealt much with this utility yet (ConEd).


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89 = Switch

89 = Switch

Don't you love lingo. An "89" device is a switch. An "89L" would typically be a line switch but the "L" is arbitrary. I read this as they want all sources of power labeled. If you label the breaker/switch that toes to the service as "PV DISCONNECT 89L" they should be happy. As for the AC combiner, as long as there is a placard on the panel indicating it is for PV power, you should not have to label each individual switch. BUT, the POCO may have other ideas. Best to ask.


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I found this but I couldn't find anything regarding the 'IT' part of '52-IT'. I would probably assume that it doesn't matter. Well, that is, I know it doesn't matter, so I would probably label the breakers as such and see what happens.