Anyone Else Sick of This?


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you can't worry about not getting a job you quoted. When I am told that I didn't get a job or that they thought my price was too high, all I ever respond with is this.
"ok no problem, good luck with your project"
and I leave it at that, and I don't think about it ever again. I move on. You know how long a job will take to do it correctly and how much the material costs, you can't control how someone else will cut corners or is willing to make half as much as you would have. years ago I got worked up about this stuff, but realized it didn't change a thing getting all upset about it.
We have so much work that I decided to concentrate on the jobs we do land and do them the best we can and make that customer happy. We will hopefully get referrals from that happy customer and get even more work.
Well said. I totally agree and do the same!


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And sometimes responding that way sends them the message you are sticking to your price. I have been in that situation before. Sometimes they are just trying to get you to come down. If you are in a market where someone will do it dirt cheap and on demand, you will lose the job anyway, but other times they will come back later asking if you are still interested in the job, and will be more accepting of your offer.
And even better are the times when the cheap guy got the job and they hire you to fix it, suddenly price is much less of an issue. Doesn't happen often but love it when it does!


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And even better are the times when the cheap guy got the job and they hire you to fix it, suddenly price is much less of an issue. Doesn't happen often but love it when it does!
Yes, I've done that a few times myself, sometimes the cheap guy didn't even get the job finished before they got rid of him.


A lot of loosing jobs on price can be a result of how your presenting yourself. If you only present price to compare then thats what they compare. If you present you services based on the customers hierarchy of needs then you put the burden of justifying price on your competitor even if your higher.

Assuming its been said here that not everyone buys yugos the same is true in our field but its up to you to explain and present the yugo the ford and the benz and how your customer can benefit from each. If you give a price and nothing else then all they have to compare is your price and your customers will migrate to the lowest.


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I had another guy say the other day my price was too high.
one of the wealthiest old money neighborhoods
Thank the guy for showing his cards and not wasting any more of your time. Or, if you want to have some fun with him, ask him to show you the other bids he got.

Behind all great wealth is great crime

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Im not trying to be difficult here.

Just think about it this way. If you would normally charge $500 for a job and you had $300 in material and overhead, that would leave you with a profit of $200. Now, since you are slow, you would be willing to do that same job for $375. Is it really worth it to profit that $75?
With me when I am faced with that situation, I would choose to sit at home.
Everyone should have the same attitude although I realize some shops have big overhead and can't afford to do so. If we all stuck to our guns customers would have no choice but to pay the going rates.
I had a CEU class and the instructor was an extremely smart guy who ran a large shop in PA for years and said something that has always stuck with me "you'll never lose money on a job you don't take". I'm tired of taking a job and getting chewed down to minimum wage rates only to hit one snag in the job and turn that small profit into charity work, that's why I refuse to do so and will sit home.


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Yea the guy that said change the conversation to value from price is a good tactic. Value has no dollar amount and changes the topic from what it costs to what they get and why. It gives time to persuade.
Baby Boomers are not the cause of this financial crisis it was greed and lies. The economy was built on a war footing since 1940. Right now 47% of all the weapons are of american design yet most are built abroad. How many of you have said "oh boy Economics 101 at 8am is open!" Geeks like that do exist and this whole debacle was predictable and stoppable. Eisenhower said to look out for the war industrial complex. I think this is economic warfare or at the very least manipulation. Its the end of cheap resourses which always causes wars. Its pre-positioning of attitudes and economies. Things haven't been the same since Nixon went to China.
To get through these tough times, contract with the government because they have all the money and advertise because the competition will be changing and disappearing often. Change your systems and procedures to accommodate leaner times. Does that mean take less for a job and make less on a job? How about you recommend one other electrical contractor consistently to all the cheapskates, till he is gone then the price goes up because supply goes down. That's Econ 101 and Sun Tzu "The Art of War". Get your supplies and inventory down by liquidating whats on hand, you might have to do that anyway and selling at retail is better than pennies on the dollar.
Sure talk value and make suggested sale items like smoke detectors or panel labeling or safety checking the receptacles for correct wiring. You are there make the best of it. That is why they call it an opportunity.


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I might still have a chance at the one job if he doesn't get a leaf raker or painter to price it.
If there's no permit inspectors can't throw them off the jobsite.
Until attempting to re-sell, the homeowner is often the only barrier to entry for most residential-service work.
HVAC equipment is not supposed to be sold without an EPA license, but pharmaceuticals may not be the only thing shopped across the border.
Laborers that harass us at the homecenter can not be removed, and may be setting the new standard for residential-service work.


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our system will have boom and bust periods no getting around that

the ones that will survive are the ones that did not overextend during the boom times able to wait it out when things pick up there arent to many standing that is when you make the real money people are desperate to get the work done and price will not be an object just not allot of competition

this will only last for a short time before more players enter the market and competition will reduce profits again.

what ever you need to do to be the last man standing is what you might have to do or you might have to change professions and miss the opportunity in the future


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When people say "your price is high or seems high" I asked them based on what? Nobody ever has a response. How does a home owner know how much things cost? do they have estimating experience? have they worked in the trades?

I just gave a low price quote on a job for 6 recessed lights, swap out a sink receptacle to a GFI, relocate an outlet 3 feet above it's existing location, and terminate a hanging wire in the basement into a junction box. All for $500.

I knew no matter what price I gave them it would be too high. They were a young couple in their 20s that just bought a $500k+ home. They called me because I just did work for their cousins for a dirt cheap price.

The response to my price was ok "we need to think about it and sleep on it" haven't heard from them yet it's been 3 days and guarantee I won't. They probably hired a felon from craigslist for $100 and a 6 pack.

Honestly I forgot about them until i read this thread. Like others said give a price and forget about it. If they call back good if not the world still turns.

p.s. The only reason why I went to give them a price because i was driving past where they lived figure I pop in a see what they have going on. I knew they couldn't or wouldn't want to pay normal prices. So it took me about 15 minutes and threw out the $500 number thinking if I said $200 they wouldn't go for it. When they said "let me sleep on it" I almost burst out laughing but I held back and just walked out. Not very professional on my part but these people are delusional and don't show professionals respect so why should we.
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