Artcile 220 Revision for Dwellings

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Delete ?dwelling units? from Table 220.42
Delete 220.52(A) and (B)
Delete 220.53
Delete 220.54
Delete 220.55
Relocate Section 220.82 to 220.52 and rewrite as follows:

220.52 Dwelling Unit.

(A) Feeder and Service Load.
The calculated load shall be the result of adding the loads from 220.52(B) and (C). The neutral load shall be determined by 220.61.

(B) General Loads. The general calculated load shall be not less than 100 percent of the first 10 kVA plus 40 percent of the remainder of the following loads:

(1) A general lighting load as calculated by Table 220.12 and specified in Section 220.14(J).
(2) 1500 volt-amperes for each 2-wire, 20-ampere small appliance branch circuit and each laundry circuit as specified in Section 210.11(C)(1) and (2).
(3) The nameplate rating of all appliances that are fastened in place, permanently connected, or located to be on a specific circuit, ranges, wall-mounted ovens, counter-mounted cooking units clothes dryers, and water heaters.
(4) The nameplate ampere of kVA rating of all motors and all low-power-factor loads.

(C) Keep the same

Substantiation: The purpose of the NEC is to provide the minimum standard for a safe installation. Section 90.1(C) states that the code is not a design specification. The codes allowance for two different methods for calculating a dwelling service does not meet the purpose or intent of the code. Submitted data has indicated that the standard method for calculating a dwelling service is too conservative for today?s high efficiency appliances and equipment used in typical homes. Applying a separate demand factor for general lighting, appliances, and cooking equipment is excessively complicated and unnecessary considering the optional method has been proven to be as effective and adequate with one overall demand applied to all loads added together. This change in no way presents a hazard or decreases any requirement already existing in the NEC. This change will add to the codes consistency and clarity when making service and feeder calculation for dwellings.


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Re: Artcile 220 Revision for Dwellings

Even though I haven't looked up all your references, I do like the idea of deleting a bunch of Art. 220 -- especially the section on stoves.
The idea of carefully calcuating stoves to the nearest 3/4 VA and then plugging that into a grand guess formula like 40% is preposterous.
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