Article 515 Bulk Storage Plants


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Is PVC schedule 80 non concrete encased an acceptable wiring method? This is a bulk storage plant. I would be coming from a cable tray running underground to a motor at a tank. I would emerge last 2' of the run with RGC and a seal at each end of run. I believe I am good as permitted by 515.8(A). I am confused with 515.4 and 515.7 does above mean "over the top of"?


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Pardon my late response. The underground PVC you have described is acceptable as long as you keep the burial depth consistent with Sections 515.8.

Section 515.4 is pretty straight-forward; equipment actually in locations classified per Section and Table 515.3 must be installed per Articles 501 or 505, as applicable. Section 515.7 addresses wiring and equipment above but not directly in Article 515 classified locations. BTW this can possibly apply to the tray system.