Audio Systems In Residential

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ed downey

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I am getting ready to start construction on a new home for myself and I am planning on doing the low voltage wiring myself. I was wondering if there are any good websites or books that anyone would recommend for layout and installation of a residential audio system. I would also like to rough-in wiring for a future surround sound system.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Audio Systems In Residential

You are right where many homeowners make their biggest mistake. I install controls integration, distributed and home theaters professionally. Homeowners untimatley install the wrong kind of wiring, or not enough wiring. Do you want volume controls in each room. Have you considered floor standing speakers for your thesater (the best possible sound)? What about contorl wiring for your equipment. WHere will your equipment go? Are you using a projector or dispaly for your theater? My suggestion: Have a professional go over with you what you want, and buy a relativly inexpensive prewire package and have your home prewired professionally. It should only cost you $1k to $5k depending on the size of your home. ALl your wiring would be hidden in the walls and ceiling and mapped out for future access. The wiring would increase the value of your home more than the prewire will cost you. THen you will be ready for anything. Good luck.
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