Automotive Lift Disconnecting Means


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Quick backstory: The motorpool at the place I work got a new automotive lift and moved the old one to a pole barn within ~10-20 ft from the panel that will be supplying it but when it was in the minor repair garage area it was supplied by a panel in the mechanic’s office. It’s original disconnecting means from way before I got there was a twist-lock within ~2 ft of the unit.
My question is this, does the unit now need to be on a twist-lock for it’s disconnecting means or can it’s new branch circuit fees into a disconnect with a handle and then feed to the unit?
I can’t find anything in the 2017 NEC in Article 511 that helps me to determine what is required for an automotive lift. Is there another article I’m missing or a different code book that shows what is required for safety/maintenance?


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"In sight from" should satisfy the disconnect means, but if you are still using cord, 400.10(B) may require the plug

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No code book...

but the lift has a motor snd controller, requirements are in art 430.
Disconnect within sight of motor and controller. Often can same disconnect.
Disconnect had to be HP rated. Twist lock not allowed due to hazards if unplugged when motor running.
I think you need to look at section 430.102
Also make sure motor has overload protection