Basement Light suggestion

tom baker

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My basement has a low ceiling and I have 10" square recessed lights, with a drop down lens, these are all converted to LED. I need a few more lights, I have found 6 10" recessed incandescent cans for $14.00 each (can't imagine many of these are sold), but the lenses are $45.00. Since its a drop down lens it distributes the light horizontally for the low 6 ft 6 in ceiling. Any suggestions for a alternative fixture? I could use florescent strips but would have to mount in between the ceiling joists, perhaps with an LED type I could have some of the lens below the joist.


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What look are you going for?



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I have had great success with this product. Just remove the drop down lens and then install this fixture directly over the existing square can. There is no patch work needed.