Binding Head Screw Terminals

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Your where I was at till I looked into this further and was surprised to learn about this #10 limitation. Number 8 fits too, but that makes this a connection that is not UL listed. This exposes a contractor to unintended additional liability. Then one has to wonder and question why the component manufacturer published this wire size as the limitation? They must have their reasons. Then I add a UL listed connector approved for the size wire I am connecting but technically this limitation is still in play.

i could see this being addressed by UL. But if they don't, there has to be an approved way of connecting larger wire sizes to Binding Head Screw terminals.
Not going to say all are rated for #8, but some common definite purpose contactors I used to use frequently I am pretty certain were rated to accept 8 AWG conductors. They would have been Cutler Hammer contactors.

I do know Square D NEMA size 1 contactors also accept 8 AWG under a similar style terminal.
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