Bonding a newly renovated pool

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Desperately need help.

Pool is inground and was built in 1969 and was renovated this past month with new plaster, new equipment and paver pool deck installed. The equipment pad was moved to a location further from the pool and closer to house. Electrician connecting the new equipment noted that there was not a bonding wire extending to the new equipment pad from the pool. Our local inspector said that if a double-insulated pool pump were swapped in that this would alleviate the need to bond the pump with the pool.

There are no metal structures in the pool other than the reinforcement in the pool shell itself (which was installed in 1969). A new paver pool deck (not concrete) was installed by the contractor. Electrician believes that if we don't find a double-insulated pool pump it's going to require the entire new pool deck to be ripped up to confirm or redo the bonding around the pool.

The pool has been in active use for many years, so assuming that it is bonded although there is a concern that the demo of the old pool deck might have compromised the existing bonding.

Are there any suggestions on how to avoid the extreme remedy of ripping up thousands of dollars of pavers? And does anyone know who makes a double-insulated pool pump for an inground pool?

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The inspector was only partially correct. You don't have to bond a double insulated pump motor but you do have to have to bond wire present in the event the motor is ever changed to one that isn't double insulated.

With that said, I'm closing this thread as a pool isn't anything you want to mess with if you're not qualified. It is very dangerous! I would suggest you listen to the electrician or find one with lots of experience with pools and the bonding of them.
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