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I am working on somewhat of an odd project and have a bonding question/s
We dug a 4 foot deep 12x17 hole, poured a 6" concrete slab on the floor of that hole. We framed up for a 10x15 finished outside dimension pool. All of the walls and steps, swim ledge were framed up like a boat. We will be attaching a 1/4"later of hardi plank 4x8 sheets first followed by 3/4" marine play 4x8 sheets. All screws are ceramic coated. All screw holes/joints will be filled with an epoxy filler mix. 3 layers of 20oz fiberglass matting with marine grade epoxy and a additional final resin only coat. The pool will then have 2 layers of 2 part epoxy pool paint. There is NO metal or electrical pieces inside the pool (no handrails, lights etc.) The only electric with is involved is a 115v variable speed pool pump. It will be bonded to the ground with copper. The electric out is a dedicated 20amp circuit with GFCI
There will be concrete poured around the outside of the pool as backfill to fill up the area between earth and framing and the spaces between the framing and the steps and swim ledge. We are not planning on using any rebar for this as cracking really wont present any issues in this case.
So question is, is there any bonding necessary? I have heard about "water bonding" but still not sure if that is necessary and if so, are the pvc tees with the bronze and zinc adequate?
The proposed location for the pool equipment room (fully weather proof and pool water proof) is about 5 feet from one side of the pools edge (that can be moved further away if necessary as well)

Sorry for the long read, but figured I'd get out as much info as I could on the first go
Thanks in advance!


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