BR breaker in Siemans panel


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Cutler-Hammer BR breakers are the same configuration as Siemans QP breakers. Can you use a BR breaker in a Siemans panel, that calls for QP?


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I appreciate you being candid. I want the code side and the practical side. Code is important, but practical safety is more important to my customers.

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I think BR breakers are listed as substitutes for Siemans. I have used them in such manner.
I think that only the C-H "CL" type breakers are acceptable as substitutes for other brands unless it's listed in the panel's label. Some older panels (General Switch, Crouse-Hinds, etc.) that were not a brand that made breakers (siemens, SQ D, Cutler-Hammer, etc.) had a list in their label of acceptable substitutes. It goes back to the listing I think.

But I might know someone who too has used the BR for a Siemens breaker.:angel:
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