Can light whips

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Hi guys

Dumb question, I'm above a suspended ceiling, non-plenum. I'm setting can lights for a large area, I'm whipping out of my 4 square boxes. My question is can I whip from can light to can light to complete my runs if I keep my whips 6 foot and shorter.
I'm familiar with 330.30 but still a little confused on this part. It would save a lot of work because I could make up lights on the ground and just drop in the pre-wired fixtures, then connect the whip to my boxes. What do you guys think.



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Right here.
brian john said:
Why would you "can" light whips, do they can heavy whips?
Yeah, heavy whips in a can. Just add water. :D

I think you'd be silly to not go from can-to-can for the most part. Recessed cans are generally sufficiently close enough to make this pretty easy. Just come out of your 4-square once for each circuit/switchleg.
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