Can you identify this device? - hearing impair visual


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Can you identify the manufacturer of the device in the attached photo.
It was used a visual indicator for hearing impaired in an apartment.

Any other device suggestions are welcome.

E.G. A visual device (normally 24V) to connect to a doorbell (normally 16V).



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Well, it looks to be a standard 3-G Decora plate on a 3-G box turned 90 degrees.

Do you need to fit the same box, or do you have options or preferences?


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There are a number of companies that make similar devices, but usually it's not a light, but a strobe, and accompanied by a noisemaker-siren device. They're bigger, too!
("They will TOO answer the !#%&#%^ doorbell when I get done wiring it!")


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Looking for a stobe to use with a regular door bell
strobe with a chime rather than horn/siren/buzzer


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Google hearing impaired alerting devices. Has to be hundreds of devices out there that will do what you want.