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In a similar vein, internet videos, looked at the new Google 'video' item yesterday. Found a couple interesting items. Yes, I'm certain they've been seen before. The nice part of visiting is twofold: First, if you've got dialup like me you can just open another screen and let the item load in the background. Secondly, it appears to just use the windows media player and the only effect is to leave a google video cookie.

Here are a couple, the first "This is a tranformer at a substation. The low voltage side of this transformer shorted, causing an arc that ate away the steel transformer case."

If you search Google video for 'educational' and 'arc,' one of the clips shows a high voltage arc, about 500,000 volts. That one takes a long time to load, a shorter version is duplicated here as 'a electrical effect that happened near boulder city' (sic):

We could probably open a new section, on what videos have been found on the internet.
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