Commercial Load calculation for Office Building/Bank.

Recently I was going through this question from the Exam prep. edition of mike holt and I wanted to know whether parking lights and outside light should be all together added to general lighting since external to the building when performing this service load calculation of the 15,000 sqft bank. And should there be consideration for the lighting demand factor separate besides the demand of Tbl. 220.12.

What's the service load at 277/480, three phase for 15,000 sqft containing following loads?
Outside lights- Eighty 100W at 120V.
Parking Lots lights_ Ten 200W at 277V
Receptacles Continous duty use- fifty at 120V.
Water Heater- 15 KW at 480V.
Computers- Twenty 2A at 120V
Printers- Two 12A at 120V.
Computer( Machine tool)- 30A at 208V 3-phase
Miscellaneous Load- 40 KVA at 120V
A/C- 40KVA at 480V 3-phase
Heating- 60 KW at 480V 3-ph
Air Handlers- two 10 hp at 480V 3-phase
Sump Pump- 5 hp at 208V 3-phase
Motor- 20 hp at 480V 3-phase.
(a) 248
(b) 314
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