Concrete Inserts


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We use the 1/4+3/8+1/2 blue bangers (the one in the middle) for wood form construction and yes they work great. Just spray a big circuit around them with spray paint so you can easily find them after the pour.



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Blue bangers save a lot of time, since the layout is all done with a computer. There are safety concerns though if you are hanging anything heavy from them. Most companies just put them in, and there is no class or anything on how to use them.
They get moved around and bent when the concrete gets poured. The worst ones are the ones with little tubes sticking out from the ceiling. When you try to thread in the all-thread it cross treads, because of the tube bending. Hanging something heavy of off just a couple threads is going to get people hurt. They need to be threaded all the way in.
Here’s how to make sure the tube sticking out of the ceiling isn’t stopping the rod from threading in. If there is a long tube sticking out you can just hammer it around until the rod threads in. If the tube sticking out of the ceiling is short, though, it’s more of a problem, because hammering will dent the tube to the extent that the rod won’t fit in it at all. All you have to do is take a piece of 1/2” all-thread about 7” long and thread it into the banger about one thread, since all it’s going to do is cross-thread anyhow, and hammer the tube around like that. Using channel locks pull out the 7” pies of all thread and try to thread the hanger in. If it doesn’t work after a couple try just drill a new attachment point.


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Seems like our new construction side uses Sammys.