Convention Center Exit Signs - 1 circuit or 2?


Long Beach, Ca
A fire marshal recently told us our exit signs in our exhibition halls were no longer sufficient (after 20 years). The signs are about 15 feet off the floor. He wants the same number of signs but mounted as high as possible, next to the ceiling. His reasoning is they will be more visible (?). Anyway, we ordered custom signs that cost $35k and intended to feed power from emergency panels. This power is "normal" until an ATS switches power feed to generator. The building inspector says we need 2 circuits: normal and emergency. It seems we already have normal and emergency with 1 circuit. Not sure how we would modify the signs for 2 circuits, and not sure we should even have to. Anyone have any thoughts?


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Just one thought , in a smoke condition, the exit signs will no longer be visible when mounted 15’+ off finished floor.


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Union, KY, USA
There is a maximum spec for the height AFF. I saw it in the thread where someone was asking about exit signs at floor level awhile back.

The airlines have those lights at floor level-- white lights lead to red lights at the exits or exit windows. I think building exit signs at floor level would make sense as well!