Countdown light timer ?


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We have a pump room that has three doors to it . We would like to install countdown light timers at each door that would allow someone to turn on lights for a specific time . The three switches would control the same lights . Had looked at a Hubbell ( DT5012W 2,4,8,12hr settings ) . Does anyone know if these can be wired in parallel or recommend something similar ?


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It looks like it's only two wire, no neutral required so I suspect it takes power through the powered device like a night lite switch. I would guess that you could wire several in parallel (hot to switch leg). Of course only the switch that was activated will be in control, you can't turn on from one place and turn off from another or increase the on time. (I don't think.)



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Is any maintenance or repairs done in this room that could be hazardous if the lights turned off on someone actively repairing something? If someone walked in and the lights were already on, they may not think of seeing how much time remains on the timer especially if its not the door they entered. That would be my only thought.
I know the codes are somewhat unclear on specific room contents but I always think about worst case…