Decomissioning/removal of conductors taken out of service.

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This is my first post here.

I spent WAY more time than I should have today looking for a definative code section to verify that conductors are required to be pulled out of an installation, back to the closest junction box, if equipment is being removed and the circuit is being decommissioned. Then they need to be disconnected and taped of at both ends as I understand it.

I researched "demolition", "removal" and a host of other topic names in the NEC Index.

I have looked for this previously in my career also. (I'm pretty sure I found something too).

Can someone please point me to the code?


:dunce: - demolition, conductor, removal, termination, abandonment.

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There is nothing in the NEC that tells us the wiring must be removed. Just take the whip off and cap the wires in the JB. As long as the wires are protected properly & capped you could also leave them on a breaker.
Thanks for the replies guys.

I did find something now. I did not see it from "outside" the forum using Google.

The last post in this thread is what I'm trying to avoid:

I guess I can't cite code that isn't there.

I suppose there is always a chance of having difficulty with "The Local Authority Having Jurisdiction".

I might be interested in a UL section also (off topic).

I may see if I can dig up a copy of this as support also.

Thanks again,
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