Dimming LED lights for an outdoor kitchen


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Hi all, hoping somebody here can help me out... I am wiring an outdoor kitchen for my uncle. I know what im doing i am a mechanic in local 363 in new york however my experience is primarily commercial work, i did residential for 2 years when i first started. So my situation is i am going to be installing about 15 recessed cans split up on 3 different switch legs. I plan on using the LED trims that are suitable for damp locations. My problem is dimming the leds. The location of this new kitchen/patio doesnt really allow me to get my swicthlegs inside the existing house and they also want the switches outside so they can turn the lights on from outside. Does anybody know of an LED dimmer that is suitable for damp locations? I know i could use a bubble cover but i was hoping to not use them since they are big and bulky. The switches will be concealed under the overhang so they will not be in direct contact with the rain/snow. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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The only devices made or required to be weather resistant are receptacles and you don't need a space helmet cover for switches. The only thing I can think of that would stop you from putting a dimmer outside is if the manufacturer’s instructions say you can't.


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Replace this receptacle with dimmer switch

20 Amp Backyard Outlet with GFI Receptacle