Directional Power & Current Relays


Programming or limiting the inverter output would meet their requirements, but convincing them of that is another thing. Like a couple of guys here have already mentioned, almost any SEL relay you purchase will have the feature. You'll just need bus voltage.

If you're looking for a breaker/recloser as well, the G&W Viper reclosers can be specified with a 351 or 651. Their consultant group can also do the setting for you. They can provide a locked down setting you won't be able to tinker with. In either case, make sure the full setting is provided to the utility to review.

If you decide to do the setting yourselves, you'll enable the directional elements by setting E32 to Y, and set your overcurrent element 50P1P. After that, the settings change slightly based on the relay you're using.

For a 351, you set the direction of the element DIR1 to F for forward, and your trip equation will have to use the torque controlled output 67P1T.

For a 651, you'll map the directional control (F32P) to the overcurrent torque control (50P1TC) and map the torque controlled output to the trip logic 50P1T.
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