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I cant seem to find the answer to this in the code book...

If the meter main is on a pole and the house sits 100' away do you need a service disconnect on the outside of the house or can you LB into the house and have the next disconnect in the breaker panel?
I believe the rule is, if its over 50' or not in sight of then you need a main on the exterior. Could someone please help and tell me if I am correct in what I am thinking?

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I apologise, no code reference. I mount electrical meters on remote pedestals often hundreds of feet away and never worried about a separate disconnect. Maybe you would need a separate disconnect if your panel is not adjacent to the point of the service entrance.


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but isn't 225 for outside branches & feeders? ~RJ~
225 and 230 have basically same requirement. The issue with this case is whether the disconnect at the pole is considered service disconnect or not. NEC pretty much says it is, however some jurisdictions do say if that disconnect is utility supplied that they do not consider it to be the serivce disconnect. About all that changes is the need for an EGC to be run to the house, a disconnect is still needed at house either way.