Do I need to hire a licensed electrictian to change out light fixtures

I am doing a job in a retail area and I have been asked to hire an electrictian to change 8 foot, t-12, flourescent lights to t-8 flourescent fixtures.
Do I need to hire a licensed electric according to the NEC?

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The NEC has nothing to say about it . Are you changing the bulbs and not changing the ballasts???? Bad idea IMO. If you change the ballast then I believe you need a licensed person involved


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It sounds like they're changing out the fixtures. If it's just one I don't think anyone would lose sleep over it but if it's a dozen or so I'm sure your local electrical inspector wants a permit which usually requires a licensed electrical contractor.


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You should hire an experienced licensed professional.

There are too many hack jobs done by persons without experience and the correct skills. A poor quality job can lead to problems later.

Check out the quality of the work done by anyone before you hire them. Just a license does not mean they are good. Find a person that can be used now and one that you would want to use in the future because they do a quality job.


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It appears that electrical contractors must be registered with your building department. It doesn't say anything about needing a license.

A quick phone call should clear up any question.
All electrical contractors doing commercial/industrial work in Ohio must be state licensed.
Thanks for the good info.
Yes we are replacing the entire fixture and there are 14 fixtures.
The electrictian in question has 35 years experience, and is one of the best in our area IMHO.
He just happens to work for a large company and does not carry a state license.