Dormitory Load Calc

nick h

Hi All,

I have a dormitory in my facility that has outgrown its load capabilities and is in need of a service upgrade. I am in the process of generating a load calculation to submit to the power company. I just want to lay out where my thoughts are and see if anyone has any suggestions

First off I am fairly certain that a dormitory does not qualify as a dwelling unit not having complete independent living facilities. I am stuck between choosing Hotels and Motels, or Lodge rooms for my general lighting loads. I am leaning towards hotels it being 2VA per sqft as opposed to 1 1/2VA per sqft as well as the fact i have not been able to find the definition for lodge rooms. I am also thinking my general receptacle loads are included in the general lighting calc following 220.14 J. I would then use demand factor in 220.42 for hotels and motels.

I am then planning on including a number for small appliance circuits in each room as residents are permitted a microwave and coffee maker (most probably bring a little fridge too). With it not being a dwelling unit, and not having nameplate values i was thinking of taking 80% of a 20A circuit 19.2 KVA per room, and then using table 220.56 for my demand factor. Residents have shared bathrooms and i was considering this for each bathroom as well.

heating in the building is hydronic and comes from the building next door.

domestic hot water is electric and am planning on talking full nameplate as there are only 2 in the building

clothes dryers will be taken at nameplate or 5000VA whichever is higher @100% there being only 3

washing machines Im kind of thinking along the same lines as i had planned for small appliance circuits and bathrooms or possibly rolling with 1500 VA for each like you would a dwelling unit (they are standard residential sized washing machines).

any suggestions/criticism greatly appreciated!