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I only have some PBs dating back to the late 60, early 70s. I feel like such a failure.
Few years back I wired a new home for an older couple, they lived out of state for years but built a house on the farm where he grew up after retiring.

Some time after they were moved in I was doing something in that house, can't remember what but happened to notice he had all of his old PBs dating way back to the early years all in bookcases in the main room. Don't know of many wives that would allow that. Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have nearly every one he purchased new, as well as maybe sought out any his collection was missing.


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When I was an apprentice my big hospital job received a large delivery of 4" rigid. The foremen called a dozen guys over to carry the pipe down a flight of stairs and into a large basement where it was to be installed. I and another apprentice did a two man carry and received significant razzing from the J-men who each carried a pipe by themselves. One toxically-macho dude carried two pipes, one on each shoulder.
The cave men can do as they like. I have 2 bad shoulders & sometimes a bad back. I will carry my weight but within reason. I am strongly suspicious that the writer has never worked much in the field, if at all.