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553.73 (http://www.flsenate.gov/laws/statutes/2011/553.73)

(10) The following buildings, structures, and facilities are exempt from the Florida Building Code as provided by law, and any further exemptions shall be as determined by the Legislature and provided by law:
(a) Buildings and structures specifically regulated and preempted by the Federal Government.
(b) Railroads and ancillary facilities associated with the railroad.
(c) Nonresidential farm buildings on farms.
(d) Temporary buildings or sheds used exclusively for construction purposes.
(e) Mobile or modular structures used as temporary offices, except that the provisions of part II relating to accessibility by persons with disabilities shall apply to such mobile or modular structures.
(f) Those structures or facilities of electric utilities, as defined in s. 366.02, which are directly involved in the generation, transmission, or distribution of electricity.
(g) Temporary sets, assemblies, or structures used in commercial motion picture or television production, or any sound-recording equipment used in such production, on or off the premises.
(h) Storage sheds that are not designed for human habitation and that have a floor area of 720 square feet or less are not required to comply with the mandatory wind-borne-debris-impact standards of the Florida Building Code. In addition, such buildings that are 400 square feet or less and that are intended for use in conjunction with one- and two-family residences are not subject to the door height and width requirements of the Florida Building Code.
(i) Chickees constructed by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida or the Seminole Tribe of Florida. As used in this paragraph, the term “chickee” means an open-sided wooden hut that has a thatched roof of palm or palmetto or other traditional materials, and that does not incorporate any electrical, plumbing, or other nonwood features.
(j) Family mausoleums not exceeding 250 square feet in area which are prefabricated and assembled on site or preassembled and delivered on site and have walls, roofs, and a floor constructed of granite, marble, or reinforced concrete.
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