Electrical load estimate for huge industrial facility


Dear Electrical Designers,

I need to estimate electrical load for a new industrial park of 30 Hectars with 1.5 M sq.ft food processing facility on it. This is a poultry processing facility with rendering plant and logistic center. Let's say 1M sq.ft is the processing plant, 0.3M - cold storage and 0.2 - all other facilities.

I know this is not a simple task as there is very limited initial data, but i am sure many of you have experience with industrial facilities and can help at least with W/sq.ft. It is initial estimation, we do not need to be precise.

Also, there is a site and the site will mainly be a huge parking lot. What is w/sf.ft for parking lot lighting?

Thank you in advance for your help!


To answer your question, you need to know and assign the power consumption per square foot for the different building types.

Based on recent experience, an allowance of 20W/SF should get you started in the right direction.

Check the IEEE Red Book, and the refrigeration contractor on the project, for a more accurate answer.


For the parking lot, a good reference would be the Illumination Engineering Society - North America (IES-NA).
They will likley suggest a range of foot candles illumination ranging from 1/2fc to 1fc in the parking area, up to 5fc at the intersections.
I would typically allow 1/2W/SF of parking, LED will be much lower IF the budget allows.