Energized Use of Insulation Piercing Connections


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Would installing the IPC be a “non contact work are exempted” task?

No. Non contact is things like infrared scans or using a non contact voltage detector. It’s just that OSHA separates construction (including “major maintenance” where you essentially rebuild something), operations, and maintenance. Construction has no limitation. Operating tasks have no limitations so long as you wear proper PPE. It includes operating disconnects, using controls, and so forth. It would include an activity like racking a switchgear breaker in or out, or plugging in or unplugging something. It does not include say putting a wire into a mechanical terminal and tightening it. Operations are not restricted so long as proper PPE is used. Only maintenance activities are prohibited without justification. So this is the hard part...is the activity maintenance, construction, or operations?
These are great for connecting to utility wires but it is very difficult to get them to the proper torque specification up on a ladder with other wires right in front of you without really bending the utility wire. I just used these yesterday on I believe #8 solid copper wires coming from the transformer and I felt I needed a second wrench to hold them still while I tightened them to 192 in lbs. But yes the bolt is completely insulated so as long as all the wires’ insulation is still intact, i am usually more worried about falling off the ladder than I am of the electricity. They’re safe and fast.