Equipment Power Supply Question

I apologize if I am in the wrong section, but this thing seems like some sort of trip setting so I figured safety was the right place. I am writing up a change order on some new equipment, and I had them send me the submittals on the equipment. When I was reading through the requirements, I came across something that had me stumped. After talking to a respected "old-timer" that I usually call with these questions, he didn't know what they meant as well, so here I am.

Power Requirement: 115 V, 3-wire, single-phase wiring configuration with a ground lead of less than 10 ohm to earth ground.
Current Rating: At least 20 A (load tested). Approximately 800 VA or Less.
Dedicated Line: No other equipment on this line; from the closest power utility box.
Line Fluctuations: Not to exceed ±10 %.
Maximum Impulse Magnitude: 75 V for 800 msec in duration.
Wall Receptacle: Standard 20 amp wall outlet.

I got everything except the bold underlined, and I am not sure what they want here, is this some sort of trip setting?
Ha, that's basically what the "old-timer" told me, he said don't worry about it! When he saw that the submittal said "computer grade power", that was a giveaway to him because computer grade power is not an electrical term. Just to clarify It is a blood chemistry analyzer.