Ethernet in Class I Division 2 locations.

Prior to the 2020 code we used Ethernet PLTC cable in armor in CID2 locations. (Belden Y62465). This meet 725.135(J)(2) and 501.10 (B)(5). [Not as nice as a MCHL version would be, but 330 defines MC as #18 or larger.] We also used a 3 pair #18 TC-ER serial communication However, the 2020 code added a requirement of PLTC or TC-ER as having an Equipment Grounding Conductor when used in a CID2 location. Ethernet or serial communication cable Really isn't the cable that i would use to provide an equipment bond with. In our case Every piece of equipment is individually bonded to the facility grounding system anyway.

In any case That is the new requirement. So I am following up with Belden to see what Their plans for TC cable in CID2 areas.

Now the code does allow non-incendive wiring to follow unclassified area wiring practices, however we have never applied that to Ethernet and Modbus due to a lack of documentation to demonstrate that each communication circuit qualified as non-incendive.

What do my fellow forum members do for these circuits?