Exhibit 250.13 Text revision (NEC CD Handbook)

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(1) Revise existing text "equipment bonding jumper" with "system bonding jumper".
(2) Revise existing text "system bonding jumper" with "equipment bonding jumper"

In exhibit 250.13 the bonding jumpers are labeled incorrectly. See definitions;

250.2 Definitions.
Bonding Jumper, System. The connection between the grounded circuit conductor and the equipment grounding conductor at a separately derived system.

100. Definitions.
Bonding Jumper, Equipment. The connection between two or more portions of the equipment grounding conductor.

Substantiation; incorrect labeling of jumpers.


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"Rick, can you submit a proposal for a handbook exhibit?"- Yes you can; except submit it directly to one of the HB author's rather than to the Standards Counsel. Several folks have successfully lobbied for new or revised text in the HB.

Remember, the HB is not really "official." It's an informal process so you could even call one of them.


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You might want to read through this thread I started last year. There seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not the illustration is incorrect:

I read through that post, Thanks. I still hold my ground due to the NEC article 250.30(A)3.

(3) Grounding Electrode Conductor, Single Separately Derived System....
This connection shall be made at the same point on the separately derived system where the system bonding jumper is connected.

It would be impossible to follow that rule according to exhibit 250.13 seeing that the SBJ is landed in two different locations.



I am in agreement with you that the labels are reversed in 250.13. Did you ever submit a request for revision or clarification?
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